by George Beard & Harold Hutchins

Chapter 1
The main characters are Ook Schadowski and Gluk Jones. They lived in 500001 BC in a village called Caveland, Ohio. The ruler of caveland is Cheif Goppernopper and he hated Ook and Gluk. Goppernopper's guards get his name mixed up. Goppernopper also can't pronounce Ook and Gluk's names. Goppernopper came to their caves and put them under arrest. When Ook's sister, Gak, heard the commotion she asked Goppernopper for mercy. Goppernopper fell in love with her. Goppernopper said that if Gak didn't marry him the next day than he would imprison Ook and Gluk. Gak dosn't want to but Ook and Gluk said they would have an idea. They decided a walk would clear their heads. They find Mog-Mog, the fiercest dinosaur that ever lived. They ran and ran until Mog-Mog got stuck in quicksand. Baby Mog-Mog comes and is sad so Ook and Gluk wanted to help Mog-Mog. They threw a vine but that didn't work. They got a gorrilla angry and climbed a nearby tree. The gorrilla pushed it and it saved Mog-Mog. Then Mog-Mog scared the gorrilla away from the boys. They became friends. They thought that it could help Gak. In the middle of the ceremony, they came in and attacked. Baby Mog-Mog bit Goppernopperand he quit being Cheif Goppernopper but took his guards with him.

Travel Tracer
1. Ook and Gluk's Caves
2. Jungle
3. Church

Vocabulary Enricher
wuz - was
gards - guards
lessen - lesson
ryme - rhyme
arest - arrest
arived - arrived
comoshen - comotion
mary - marry
tomorow - tommorrow
hims - his
hadent - hadn't
proteckt - protect
rite - right
twinkel - twinkle
shure - sure
hapenning - happening
husbend - husband
sinse - since
objeck - object
sik - sick

Cavemen were not around when dinosaurs were. This is not a connection... this is the opposite.

Disscussion Director
How many misspelt words were used in this chapter?
@ Too many to count
How many inventions did Ook and Gluk mess up for Goppernopper?
@ 3
Who lost a tooth when they were 3 years old?
@ Ook
How many pages in chapter one had spelling mistakes in them?
@ 33 (all)
What animal did Ook and Gluk get to save Mog-Mog?
@ Gorrilla

Literary Luminary
Every paragraph was kool because it was interesting to see all of the mistakes.

coming soon
Chapter 2