Role sheets and other necessary evils

The following handouts may help you plan your Literature Circles units and lessons. In recent years, I've discovered some of the same conclusions about Literature Circles that founder Daniels has. The traditional role sheets can be confining and don't always effectively promote the best discussions (Daniels and Steineke, 2004). Any "role" that spurs students to think about and then discuss literature will be successful. Recently, I've tried to tie the development and study of thinking skills used by active readers with components of the traditional role sheets and other discussion activities. As a result, I try to find ways to bridge the ideas and thinking the students are doing as they read with preparation for the discussion. See my random thoughts for more information.

Discussion Director (PDF file)
Connector (PDF file)
Summarizer (PDF file) or Story Tracker (PDF file)
Passage Finder (PDF file)
Travel Tracer
Character Watcher (PDF file)
Propaganda role shee for use with Animal Farm
Multiple Role sheet - (Word document) combines elements of four traditional roles
(Word document) - a more visual handout that combines elements of different roles
CAPT-based short story response log (Word document)
Post-it note harvesting sheet (Word document) to gather the students' notes throughout the book
Group chapter study sheets (for use with Lord of the Flies) For other Lord of the Flies assignments, click here.

These templates will help you assess student work and keep track of discussions.

Lit Circles bookmark
Vocabulary list sheet
1st Day Reading agreement
Discussion assessment form
Novel self-evaluation guide
Learners evaluation of Lit Circle unit
Thinking skills log //(Word document)//
Lit Circles behavior chart
Word 2000 document
PDF file
Lit Circles overhead sheet
Word 2000 document
PDF file